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Enjoy your Thanksgiving Eagles

The cold weather has settled in and with it comes Bald Eagles.  Away from reliable winter eagle viewing spots such as Lake Ogallala during the depths of winter, eagle viewing is generally best in Nebraska when large reservoirs and rivers are transitioning from open water to ice and vice versa.   Bald Eagle numbers increase as birds that breed to the north of us are migrating through our state.  Open water “holes” amid the sheet of ice attract and concentrate waterfowl.  Bald Eagles will happily prey on weak birds.  Pawnee Lake SRA has attracted many eagles over the last week. In addition to waterfowl, a recent application of rotenone killed many fish at this lake,  which is also a favored prey item of Bald Eagles.  So, over the holiday weekend, if the weather outside is not frightful, and you and yours are looking for a short adventure to take a break from football and whatever else, a trek out to an area reservoir may produce glimpses and views of Bald Eagles and other avifauna.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving.

Bald Eagle
First-year Bald Eagle at Pawnee Lake SRA, 24 November

About Joel Jorgensen

Joel Jorgensen is a Nebraska native and he has been interested in birds just about as long as he has been breathing. He has been NGPC’s Nongame Bird Program Manager for eight years and he works on a array of monitoring, research, regulatory and conservation issues. Nongame birds are the 400 or so species that are not hunted and include the Whooping Crane, Least Tern, Piping Plover, Bald Eagle, and Peregrine Falcon. When not working, he enjoys birding.

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