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Grandson’s Impressive Fishing Highlights Wanahoo Weekend

Don's grandson Tyson checking out his catch!

Last Sunday, three generations of the Gabelhouse family headed to Lake Wanahoo for an afternoon of fishing.  The trio included, myself, my son Zach and his son Tyson.  This was a landmark event for me as I was amazed, honored and blessed to have witnessed my 2 ¾-year-old grandson, Tyson, catch his first fish all by himself. Now this wasn’t Tyson’s first time fishing. He had fished before, with help from his dad. What made this time different was that he actually put the bait in the water, noticed the bobber go under, hooked a bluegill, reeled it in and maneuvered  it into the boat without assistance from grandpa or dad.  Then he turned around and released it.

From this proud grandpa’s perspective that is a pretty impressive feat.  After this monumental accomplishment, and the requisite big deal being made by dad and grandpa, Tyson decided he should also start casting on his own.  While some of his casts went somewhat awry and one time his line did get wrapped around my rod, he didn’t do a bad job at all.  After one of his casts, I commented to Zach that I have made a lot worse casts than that myself.

While this afternoon was a real highlight for me, Tyson seemed to thoroughly enjoy the three hours we spent on the water at Lake Wanahoo as well.  About the only break he took from fishing was to eat some salted-in-the-shell peanuts and some fruit snacks.  He even shared one fruit snack with me.  When he wasn’t looking, I did find a few more that he had dropped on the floor of the boat and popped ’em in my mouth.

Don Gabelhouse – Fisheries Division Administrator
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

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