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Bargain Hunter Season – Now Open

Won't be long. Buy now.

We are in that great in-between time called February/March as I write this.  We wrap up the winter hunting seasons (cottontail, coyote, etc.) and begin the spring seasons (snow goose and spring turkey).  This is a tough time for a guy like me – and a tougher time for the family’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  You see I am still very much in the mindset of hunting, and though the options have become a bit more limited at present, the sales on gear have increased. The result is I have more time to hunt through catalog pages and the local sporting goods stores to find stuff to expose the flaws in the CFO’s economic theories she calls a budget.

I cannot be the only one that sees the logic in placing the purchase of a ladder stand under the Food category – how else will I be able to add venison to the freezer next fall?  Recently, I have also been informed by the CFO that new snow goose windsocks are not an appropriate use of the money under the medical budget either, despite my labeling them as conservation-order therapy.  Which has me a bit concerned about my recent submittal of the 12 gauge turkey-medicine bill.  But I do tend to worry too much over such trivial things.

Jeff doing some online bargain hunting.

As my CFO has stated many times, she dreads the end of February and the beginning of March as, according to her, there is no greater threat to the family budget than a hunter in-between seasons.  She has told me that the summer off-season at least has a few months to spread out the financial burden, unlike the short-window of this in-between period.  All I know is that I am dying with anticipation for that magical time when I get to hear the first deep gobble of the new spring season.  I don’t plan to be caught off-guard either.  I take my recreational-activities seriously and would hate to leave anything to chance such as calls, decoys or camo patterns.

I am also a thinker, even if the CFO doesn’t believe me to be a planner.  How do you pass up a sale on items that may be useful next fall?  I may be spending the best $50 or $100 or $250 I ever spent – I just don’t know it yet.   Several years down the road I may be showing off a lighted hunting knife, telling all the interested onlookers how it changed the way I field dressed deer and made me a better archer.  Just when they couldn’t be more impressed I’d knock-em over with the simple statement “got 10% off the regular price, back in ’13, too” – I’d be a hero!


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Aaron "hershy" Hershberger is an Outdoor Education Specialist with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. He loves being outdoors. When not outdoors he is day-dreaming about being outdoors and/or whining that he is not outdoors. Hershy has been a Hunter Education Instructor, in two states, for nearly three decades & a Bowhunter Education Instructor for over 20 years.

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