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High CRP Enrollment Great News for Nebraska Wildlife Conservation

LINCOLN – Many of Nebraska’s habitat programs will get a boost from recent Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) sign-ups. More than 76,000 acres in Nebraska were enrolled or re-enrolled in CRP during the sign-up period earlier this year. This will be the first year overall CRP enrollment in Nebraska will increase since 2007. These sign-ups, combined with land already enrolled in CRP, bring the state’s total acres enrolled in CRP to 773,203. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced enrollment figures …

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Prescribed Burns of Grasslands Scheduled

LINCOLN – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will conduct prescribed burns at several state-owned areas to improve grassland and promote wildlife habitat. Prescribed burning stimulates the growth of desirable grasses and forbs and suppresses invasive tree and brush species. Removing residual grass and trees, especially cedars, also will reduce the fire hazard on these areas. Burns are scheduled, as weather conditions permit, for the following areas, listed by county. All areas are wildlife management areas, unless otherwise noted: Antelope …

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Plant the Plot, Abandon the Bait!

As a longtime hunter, landowner and natural resources professional, I still just don’t get why some hunters feel the need to bait areas with artificially made materials/substances to bring game animals in to a particular area to be harvested within the confines of our laws/regulations (for info on Nebraska’s new baiting laws/regulations with reference to hunting, click here.) Why? Is it because it involves minimal effort and is cheap? Is it because you saw the flashy advertisement for the product …

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The New, Improved CRP

“Laws change; people die; the land remains.” – Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States.  Farmers, I am one of you. I am a landowner. I manage our nearly 150 year-old family farm here in southeastern Nebraska. No, I am not some crazy, wild conservationist just because I work for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. I am a crazy, wild conservationist because I am a progressive Nebraska landowner who has farmed his best ground and conserved the rest of it. Over the years I have …

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