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Preparing Wild Fish and Game on Great Outdoor Radio Show

Executive Chef Gene Cammarota of Omaha, NE gives you helpful hints on preparing wild fish and game for your guests over the holiday period on the Saturday morning Great Outdoor Radio Show I host. Gene is a chef with a dynamic personality and is well known in professional cooking circles. He is also an instructor at Iowa Western Community College’s Culinary Arts Program and hosts his own cooking show called “What’s Cookin’?” from 10-11 a.m. CST on Omaha radio station 1180 AM. My program airs LIVE every Saturday morning from …

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Don’t Turn Your Nose Up at Snow Geese

It really perturbs me when folks call them “sky carp,” “lutefisk with feathers,” or “an over-cooked catcher’s mitt!”  Yes, I’m talking about Snow geese! Do you like them? I love to eat them! I do! I’ve literally shot tons of snow geese in my hunting life, and I’ll tell you that great tasting snow geese at home actually start in the field with proper care. There’s no question that lack of preparation in the field is the reason that some who like to hunt waterfowl dislike Snow geese. You have …

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