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Don’t Turn Your Nose Up at Snow Geese

It really perturbs me when folks call them “sky carp,” “lutefisk with feathers,” or “an over-cooked catcher’s mitt!”  Yes, I’m talking about Snow geese! Do you like them? I love to eat them! I do! I’ve literally shot tons of snow geese in my hunting life, and I’ll tell you that great tasting snow geese at home actually start in the field with proper care. There’s no question that lack of preparation in the field is the reason that some who like to hunt waterfowl dislike Snow geese. You have …

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Corn Your Goose for St. Patty’s Day

With all of the Canada geese that us waterfowlers have harvested this year here in Nebraska, and with St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I thought I’d take this opportunity to pass along what I’m told is among the best recipes for Canada goose — corned Canada goose! This corned goose recipe that we need to try comes from my good friend and fellow waterfowl hunter Kyle Simpson of Elkhorn, NE who owns Lost Island along the Platte River in Butler …

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Is Your Goose Cooked?

Hello all, Katie Stacey of Game and Parks in Omaha, NE here. It’s been quite some time since I’ve taken over Greg’s blog, but after I told him about my family’s Christmas dinner he told me I needed to share with you as well.                 This year Greg generously gave me several Canada geese he’d harvested just in time for me to be able to prepare them for my family. In order to enjoy this treat to its fullest potential I …

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Deer Heart: As Good as Tenderloin!

Did you save the heart of that deer you harvested this season or did you toss it in the gut pile for the coyotes? Next time, save it, trust me! Venison heart is “muscle meat” and is as good as a piece of tenderloin! Packed with B vitamins and protein, with little fat, and a very mild flavor, venison heart is positively delicious if prepared properly! It’s actually simple to make, is best eaten fresh, not frozen, at least within a …

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With the popular Two Rivers SRA Trout Lake open and thousands of pan-sized rainbow trout being stocked around the state this week and next, I thought no better time to relay a super-tasty trout recipe for you to try! This is one of the easiest recipes to make for smoked trout at home or at the cabin, no smoker needed! This recipe comes to us from Jo Momsen whom I work with at our Game and Parks Omaha Office. If …

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