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Game and Parks receives NET grant for Rainwater Basin Wetland Management project

LINCOLN, Neb. – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has been awarded a $75,000 grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust for the Rainwater Basin Wetland Management project. Game and Parks is a partner with the Rainwater Basin Joint Venture and is committed to providing optimal habitat on private and public lands for migrating waterfowl in the Rainwater Basin. This will be accomplished by increasing wetland management to reduce invasive plant species and increase desirable food-producing plants. Prescribed management will address …

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Rainwater Basin wetlands mostly full

LINCOLN, Neb. – Rainwater Basin wetlands observed during an aerial survey Aug. 29 are mostly full of water due to above-normal rainfall, so little pumping is planned, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Wetland conditions also are good throughout most of the rest of the state, resulting in excellent habitat for waterfowl and creating good opportunities for waterfowl hunters. Because of the rainfall, some parking lots and roads are in poor condition and some of the areas are …

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Success in the Salt Marsh

The sun sets as shadows fall over a saline wetland and a muskrat hut at the Little Salt Fork Marsh Preserve.

It is just before dawn in Nebraska’s eastern saline wetlands. You sit quietly on the edge of a salt marsh – a nearly level pan of sparse vegetation and mud. Just in front of you water laps in rhythmic beats at the shoreline. On the opposite shore, the growing light gently begins to fill in the dark spaces, giving definition to the dusky shapes that have been murmuring in the distance. They are a mixed flock of shorebirds and waterfowl …

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Wetland Conditions Across State Variable

LINCOLN – The conditions of wetlands across the state is varied, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. On Sept. 1, Game and Parks released a report on the status of Rainwater Basin wetlands, as well as pumping plans. While conditions were good in some areas, they were dry in others. “Conditions are generally good throughout much of the Sandhills and along the Platte River,” said Ted LaGrange, wetland program manager for the Commission. “However, the wetland water conditions …

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Inspired by Photos, of Mine?

Sometimes in the business of promoting/providing conservation and outdoor information you don’t fully realize the impact your work can have on a person. Such was the case this year when a friend of mine, Robin Zagurski an artist from Omaha, NE, painted two beautiful scenes from photographs I had taken on a couple of my outdoor adventures here in Nebraska.  I was shocked and flattered, to say the least. Here they are. The first colorful Nebraska scene Robin painted was from a photo I snapped of the …

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Rains Create Very Favorable Wetland Conditions in Rainwater Basin

LINCOLN – Recent rains have created very favorable wetland conditions in much of the Rainwater Basin as duck hunting season approaches. Ted LaGrange, wetland program manager for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, said water conditions are mostly good to excellent in the south-central Nebraska wetlands east of U.S. Highway 281. “Most of those wetlands filled with water due to above normal rainfall in late August and in September,” LaGrange said. “Generally, the portion of the Rainwater Basin west of …

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