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Some of us pointy-headed fish biologists share an adage, “The only constant in nature is change.” If you live in Nebraska, you should know that is truth.  Our weather is always changing.  Our climate changes from year to year.  We have wet spells, dry spells.  I have heard sandhillers say, no matter how wet it has been, that we are never more than about three weeks away from the next drought. That is life in the Great Plains. If you …

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Sometimes the Wind Blows


Seems like I have heard a lot of complaints about the wind blowing this year.  No, not talking about some of our recent storm events; just complaints about the wind always blowing.  I even saw a TV weather geek put up a chart to prove that June was windier than “normal”. What in the world is “normal” in Nebraska? I will tell you, “normal” is the average of the extremes! Complain about the wind blowing?  Sure it does, this is …

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Under Pressure


Through the ages fish and fishing have generated innumerable superstitions.  Gramps Roth always told me I had to hold my mouth just right to catch fish.  To this day, I am trying to figure out what he meant by that?  No doubt a lot of that superstition arises from the fact that we cannot see below the surface of the water and directly observe fish behavior.  Some days it seems that purely random events are the difference between catching fish and …

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Unless you literally live under a rock, you have noticed that we have had a lot of wind lately.  That is an understatement.  I am not going to say “it has never been this windy before” or “I never remember it being this windy” because I believe such statements are usually wrong.  It seems like anything that happened more than 5 years ago is considered ancient history anymore and does not count.  We all know that the Great Plains in …

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Not as bad as you think. . .

Any angler will tell you that weather has a big impact on fish behavior.  In fact most anglers dread a cold front. . . Generally, I will tell you that stable weather, usually warming weather, produces the most consistent and best fishing.  Just before a storm system or a cold front blows through, a period of stable weather can culminate with an outstanding bite where every fish in the lake seems starved.  Following a cold front or storm system the …

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