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Guillermo Goes Fishing!


I gotta admit I am not a big fan of late night talk shows anymore.  I don’t know, maybe it is just because I am getting old, but they just don’t seem as funny, as entertaining anymore.  I long for the days of “monkey-cam” and velcro suits brought to you from the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska! However, fishing did make it on one of the late night shows this week.  Here is what it looked like: I don’t know …

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First Catch

OK, I know it is hot and you might need some motivation to go fishing this weekend.  Maybe this will do it, at least the ending is very cute: Absolutely kid, he is beautiful, they all are beautiful! Take Me Fishing #First Catch Spend some time playing in the water to beat the heat, wait for early morning or evening and then GO FISH!  It is what I will be doing!

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Are You Voting Every Day?

Are you voting daily in Take Me Fishing’s Top Family Fishing & Boating Spots Sweepstakes? I am! See below. Take a look at these photos of my Son Noah fishing. Can you guess where he’s wetting a line? It’s one of the top four Nebraska park lands listed in the Take Me Fishing sweepstakes. Here’s another photo for you to ponder. Arguably, in my view, with 34 years of experience at Game and Parks, more kids and people have gotten hooked on …

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