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Skunk Stories


If you have spent anytime in the great out-of-doors, you should have a skunk story or three.  If you do not, well, you need to spend more time outdoors. I can think of several.  How to arrange them. . . ? Chapter 1, In the Beginning I have heard lots of skunk stories.  Can remember some doozies from my granddads.  Back in the day, skunk pelts were worth some money.  Gramps Roth would have said, “back when a dollar was …

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

The calendar has rolled around again, and it is that time of year–Yep, time for the skunks to mate. Why else would Valentine’s Day be scheduled for this time of year? Afterall, the greatest lover of all time was a skunk, Pepe LePew! By the way, the old Looney Tunes were and still are the greatest cartoons of all time.  I still watch them. . . and laugh! You should also know that some of the most irresistible perfumes use skunk …

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