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Updates, July 8, 2019

Powder Creek Reservoir

I know the big Independence Day holiday is now past us and I know that there have been news releases on these items already.  I am not trying to “break” the news here so much as just trying to spread it: Goose Lake Of course high water and flooding have made access to Goose Lake in Holt County nearly impossible this year.  That has improved and the road is open again now; the boat dock is in place.  Now all …

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Drawdown set to begin at Powder Creek Reservoir in Dixon County

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Water levels at Powder Creek Reservoir in Dixon County will begin to drop July 8 as the beginning of a project to restructure the lake’s fish population. The fishery has been dominated by small panfish in recent years. A drawdown to reduce the lake volume by 40% will crowd predator and prey species. The desired effect is higher predation on panfish, a reduction in the panfish population, and, in the near future, faster growing and larger fish. …

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