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A Sucker for Rings

Like iron filings to a magnet – or teenie-boppers to a Justin Bieber concert – I find myself almost inexplicably drawn to the ring-necked pheasant.  As October nears its end my mind centers more and more on the bird that wears autumn in its feathers. Make no mistake I love the chaos of a bobwhite covey, sing praises for the noble prairie chicken and sometimes swear at the devious sharp-tailed grouse.  However, when the final Saturday of the month arrives I have tunnel vision for the …

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Father’s Day 2013

Sunday is Father’s Day.  In honor of that, let me share some memories and old photos. I was rummaging through some boxes and albums of photos and found this one of my Dad and me. That is a picture of the two of us holding Master Angler smallmouth bass.  The fish I was holding was my first Master Angler fish, 3 pounds 7 ounces, caught on July 22, 1972 from Merritt Reservoir.  It bit on a nightcrawler fished on the …

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Photos from Hunt with the Huskers for Teammates

Just sharing some photos of today’s successful Hunt with the Huskers benefit event for the Teammates mentoring program which was held at the Oak Creek Sporting Club Controlled Shooting Area near Brainard, NE (www.oak-creek-club.com).  Glad to be a part of working this unique European-style pheasant hunt for Teammates (www.teammates.org)! Hope you enjoy the photos!

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It’s only an excuse for me to experience winter, watch wildlife, enjoy the scenery and shoot photos with a new camera … Really it is … I am referring to Nebraska’s Late Firearm Deer Hunting Season. I thoroughly enjoy it! The photos from my Saunders County expedition will sum up why. Of course, getting an antlerless deer (a whitetail doe) in the late firearm season is merely a bonus for me!

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