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Hatch Watch

As the days warm up everything seems to move faster, including time.  A little less than a month ago the Peregrine Falcons completed their clutch of five eggs.   We are now close to the time when eggs should begin hatching.  The average incubation period for Peregrine Falcons is approximately 33 days.  This is nature so there is variation.  Nevertheless, we could possibly see our first “fluffball” over the weekend, but perhaps more likely the bundles of joy will appear early …

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Learning to fly or flying learns you?

As avid Peregrine watchers already know, our three now juvenile falcons have fledged.   However, learning to fly is not easy as shown in this video clip recently captured by our IT guy Troy Kroeger. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySTuR44zO8c[/youtube] Apparently, sometimes the flying learns you (I’m not sure whether I even know what that means).  Enjoy!

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