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Recovery Efforts Continue with Stocking of Pallid Sturgeon in Missouri River

LINCOLN – More than 2,000 5- to 6-inch pallid sturgeon were stocked in the channelized portion of the Missouri River along Nebraska’s eastern border on Aug. 24. The stocking is part of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s recovery efforts for this federal- and state-listed endangered species. The pallid sturgeon were stocked in two locations. The first was at the newly-constructed Deer Island shallow-water habitat improvement project near Tekamah (river mile 762.3) in Burt County. Deer Island has more than …

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2015 Pallid Sturgeon Broodstock Collection

Report on this year’s pallid broodstock collections: If you wish to see a cleaner, larger version, 2015 Broodstock Newsletter .  As mentioned in the news letter, check out the FaceBook page, NGPC Pallid Sturgeon Broodstock, and there are a lot more photos here, Flickr–Missouri River Program. A big thank you to all that were involved again this year.  We could not pull off this effort without a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers.  We thank you, the pallid sturgeon thank you (well, they would …

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It Is Spring and Spawning Is In The Air

In the past few weeks I have blogged about some of the springtime field work that occupies the fisheries staff of the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission (e.g. Piking, Easter Egg Hunt).  I cannot tell you everything our fisheries workers are doing, just know that spring is a very busy time.  But, I do have another activity that I want to tell you about. . . .We have crews on the Missouri River collecting broodstock pallid sturgeon as well!  Even …

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Pallid Sturgeon Broodstock Collections

It is spring and spawning is in the air.  Every early April for the past several years our Missouri River fisheries biologists along with a lot of great help from volunteers, have ventured onto the Missouri River to capture endangered pallid sturgeon.  Specifically, the pallid sturgeon they are hoping to catch are female pallid sturgeon.  When the right fish are captured, those female pallid sturgeon are hauled to fish hatcheries where eggs can be collected in order to produced more …

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2013 Pallid Sturgeon Broodstock Collections

Here is an update on the pallid sturgeon broodstock collection efforts this spring. You can find an additional story here, http://netnebraska.org/article/news/pallid-sturgeon-are-safe-extinction-far-recovery .  Make sure to take a few minutes and listen to the audio story as well. Thank you to all involved, especially our volunteers! If you want to see a clearer version of the report, here it is, 2013 NGPC Broodstock Newsletter .  Be sure to check out the Nebraska pallid sturgeon FaceBook page, https://www.facebook.com/NGPCpallid .

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