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Stop the Presses Again, Another Big Fish!

Just a week ago I told you about a big flathead catfish caught from Branched Oak Reservoir, Stop the Presses, Big Fish!  This week I have another monster fish to tell you about. I have been saying that there are some blue catfish in our Missouri River that are large enough to break our existing, 44-year old, rod & reel blue catfish record.  Last week that record came really close to being toppled. Bob Campbell down in southeast Nebraska caught …

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State Record Summary 2013

Let me give you a summary of last year’s state record fish, and make some comments. There were 14 fish certified as state records in 2013.  There were 4 rod & reel records; creek chub, European rudd, longnose gar, and tiger trout caught in 2013.  Six bow-fishing records were certified last year; alewife, blue catfish, shortnose gar, smallmouth bass, flathead chub, and wiper.  Two underwater spear-fishing records were taken in 2013; common carp and smallmouth buffalo, and 2 surface spear-fishing …

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