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To This Late Season There is a Morel

Don’t give up as there are still plenty of morels left to find.  With the new bout of rains and the warm temps, there should be a nice batch for the picking!  This year has been spotty with the weird weather but if you hit your old haunts a few weeks ago and did not fine what you were looking for, I highly encourage you to return in the next day or two as you may be surprised at what …

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Morel Mushroom Hunting Outlook on WOWT Outdoors

After talking to area experts, watching nature’s signs and thoroughly checking the weather forecast, I’ll be giving you my best guess as to when the morel mushrooms are expected to emerge in our southeastern Nebraska river bottom woodlands on my WOWT-TV Weekly Outdoor Report. My Son Noah’s gettin’ excited to look for those morels in our woods! And, so am I! Don’t miss The Weekly Outdoor Report which airs on Omaha’s WOWT-TV/Channel 6 and on its website @  www.wowt.com LIVE …

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