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Last time I blogged about my recent ice fishing adventures (Been Around Some More), I mentioned that in spite of deteriorating ice conditions, I was not sure I was done, yet.  I was not.  I slipped another afternoon in on the ice a week ago.  By the way, the ONLY way I push it as early and late as I do is by religiously following ice safety protocols (Annual Ice Safety Reminder).  If you are not able to do that, …

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Gotta Have One


With the “up” and “down” temperatures we have had this winter, our ice conditions vary widely across the state.  In some places we are looking at “late ice” conditions already.  In some places I am afraid we are already beyond that. Does anyone know where I can get one of these? The winter is still out there!#sherp #ice #cold #coastguard #canada #atv #army #utv #usa #unique #usarmy #oil #hunting #heavyequipment #offroad #offroading #шерп #вездеход #nationalguard #searchandrescue Posted by SHERP ATV …

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The End, The Beginning


Last adventure report I called that I might not be done ice-fishing yet. I was not. Made it to more northerly parts of the state last week and crawled onto the ice one last time.  Believe me, my partner and I spent as much time checking to make sure we could get on and off and go where we wanted, as we did fishing.  Neither one of us ventured anywhere without the spud bar, ice picks and life jackets. You …

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I am seeing lots of proclamations about our ice fishing season being over. Whatever. There are a lot of folks that bail on ice fishing because they are not committed.  They fantasize about fishing open water much too much.  On the first day with temperatures above freezing, they declare it over. You will NOT get me to make that announcement.  In fact, I will be on it as long as I can.  The longer it lasts, the better! And, I …

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Late Ice, Early Open


When doing seminars and workshops about Nebraska fishing I often note that we have no closed season for fishing in the state, and that I will spend at least some time fishing every month of the year.  An ideal autumn is one where I go from late fall, open-water fishing to first ice, ice-fishing in just a couple of weeks.  Likewise, I ride late ice as long as I can, as long as it is safe, and ideally transition to …

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Fits and Starts

IMG_1496 (2)crop

If you have lived in the great state of Nebraska for any length of time, you know that spring is a frustrating time.  It comes in “fits and starts”.  I laugh at the wild swings in weather, and the wild swings in the mental health of those hoping for warm, sunny days.  Ha.  We are going to live with this schizophrenia for several weeks yet, might as well make the most of it! For example, in this past week I …

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Last Ice, ‘Hoppers, and Lightning


I suppose it is not really fair to blog about ice fishing when most waters in Nebraska are pretty much liquid now.  However, even as I write this there might be a place or two in the state where you can still get on the ice and catch some fish. . . just make sure you are very, VERY, careful. Ice Safety Tool Having said that, let me say that I will be on the ice as soon as possible …

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Second Season

We have had an “on again, off again” ice fishing season this year.  As the calendar rolled into February I was seeking treatment for depression after an unusually warm January had brought my ice fishing season to a premature end.  Then as it usually happens in Nebraska, the weather, the climate, changed and it got cold again and my ice season was re-born.  I was thrilled to have a second season.  Actually, with the freeze/thaw cycle that we had repeated …

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The End is Near

I have not recommended to anyone in the past several weeks that the ice is completely, entirely safe.  However, I am fully aware that there are folks still ice-fishing in Nebraska and I have been taking advantage of “late ice” myself as much as possible.  Even this late in the ice-fishing season you can be safe and the fishing can be terrific, but you better know what you are doing ( Safety First ).  I cannot talk to anyone on …

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It’s a Wrap

Well it finally happened, looks like we are done ice-fishing for the year.  The last day I walk off the ice is one of the saddest days of the year for me. But it was a great ice season!  My partners and I had almost 3 full months on the ice this winter–the way it should be.  We were drilling holes all the way up through last weekend. So, consider this as my last ice report for this year; let …

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