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Now That’s a Net Man!


Some of you will remember the old Rapala X-Rap commercials, the ones where an extreme net man was sold with the X-Rap.  In keeping with the season, like this one: I recently discovered a video that proves that extreme net men do exist!  This net man should win some kind of award! “Are you wet?”  Ha! Might want to consider wearing that PFD! Now, all of you reading this, you owe it to your fishing partners to be a competent …

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When They Do Not Take It Seriously


I have blogged several times about how everyone needs a good net man, and a good photographer.  Unfortunately, some never take their responsibilities seriously.  What you can do about that? Most of us could tell horror stories.  I can remember one nice walleye, the only walleye of the day, that got knocked off by my net man. It is even worse when you are netting your own! When it happens, and it will,  there will be mental and emotional anguish.  …

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Everyone Needs a Good Net Man


Found this posted on the PK Lures FaceBook page.  This is about the worst job you can do netting a fish! Be selective when choosing your net man!PKLure.com#ohno Posted by PK Lures on Thursday, April 18, 2019 That is why everyone needs a good net man! Keep the net out of the water until the fish is ready, don’t rush it. Hold the net in the water and lead the fish into the net, HEAD FIRST! Then and only then, …

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