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Why Hunting Is So Important

With September just a one more quick flip my on NEBRASKAland magazine calendar, it is time once again to reflect on the age old question of why hunting is so important. Yeah, I know hunting is important. But, why do you think hunting is important? Give it some more thought. Really think about the question: Why is hunting important? Why is hunting important to you, if you hunt? If you don’t hunt, why do you think hunting is important? Sure, hunting offers a multitude of benefits. Hunting is quiet …

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This is hunting

“Other than family and close friends, this is what I love and had made me who I am.” – Scott Smathers, Nebraska Sportsmen’s Foundation When Scott Smathers’ social post came in front of me, it resonated. He’d shared a hunting poem that has been circulating on Facebook since at least 2018, but the original author has not been tagged in those shares. However, the author’s words are worth reading and sharing, and that’s why I share them below.  Because this …

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New video series, website, highlights importance of hunting

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Hunting and shooting sports provide thousands of Nebraskans with safe, fun quality recreation with family and friends each year. A new video and website highlight the important role hunting plays in the traditions of many Nebraskans. The video may be viewed at TakeUsHunting.org. The website also offers resources for those who wish to try hunting or shooting sports, as well as to experienced hunters who are interested in mentoring someone less experienced. The video was produced in …

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