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Uphoff first youth to complete Duck Slam this season

LINCOLN, Neb. – As he often does, 15-year-old Jacob Uphoff of Lincoln used a day off from school last fall to go hunting with his dad. That October day, he completed the Nebraska Duck Slam, making him the first youth to do so this season. Jacob was excited and surprised to hear the news, his father, Blane, said. His accomplishment comes on the back of years of waterfowl hunting experience, he added. “He’s been going to duck blinds with us …

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How to Hunt Nebraska’s Wild Turkeys in Winter

I truly love wild turkeys and it’s no secret that I am a hardcore wild turkey hunter. I hunt wild turkeys in spring, fall and yes, in winter. I believe hunting the wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) in the various seasons makes you a better, more knowledgeable, well-rounded turkey hunter and outdoor enthusiast because you gain intimate knowledge of the bird’s behavior. I know what you’re thinking. What kind of crazed hunter sets up for wild turkeys in the frigid, snow-covered …

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This is hunting

“Other than family and close friends, this is what I love and had made me who I am.” – Scott Smathers, Nebraska Sportsmen’s Foundation When Scott Smathers’ social post came in front of me, it resonated. He’d shared a hunting poem that has been circulating on Facebook since at least 2018, but the original author has not been tagged in those shares. However, the author’s words are worth reading and sharing, and that’s why I share them below.  Because this …

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Firearm Deer Season: Enjoying the Experience

Nebraska’s most popular hunt is the 9-day firearm deer season (Nov. 14 through Nov. 22). This is one of the absolute best times of year to be outside and participate in it with the deer breeding period called “rut” happening. My lovely wife of well over 30 years, Polly Wagner, says that everything comes to a grinding halt in the Wagner family with the “rifle deer season.” It’s a terrific event, though. For many of us in the hunting lifestyle, …

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Hunting Quotes


Tomorrow is the rifle deer opener.  A bunch of you will be in the field looking for the “turdy-pointer”.  Wear your hunter orange, use your safety harness, know what is behind your target, have fun and good luck! I love to hunt too, although you know I spend more time on the water.  The two pursuits are pretty much the same, especially if you are looking for big fish. I found some hunting quotes I like, 12 Inspirational Quotes All …

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A Trophy Deer is Truly in the Eye of the Beholder

The deer harvested by a hunter prompted celebration but other hunters on social media certainly did not think so. You see, it was a smaller, younger white-tailed buck. It was a beautiful animal and a great photo of the proud hunter and his deer. I was one of the initial people to “like” the post on Facebook. However, it did not take long for the naysayers to chastise and ridicule the individual for shooting a basket-racked buck. Seriously? A trophy …

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How to take a quality photo with your deer

Taking the best photos of you and your deer. One would think in this age of cell phone and digital cameras that it would be pretty easy for hunters to get a quality photo of their harvested deer. However, whether it is the excitement of the moment or the rush to get the animal field dressed, many hunters just flat out fail to successfully capture the hunting images of the day. The opportunity is there though for you to properly …

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Deer hunters, buy a fall turkey permit

If you are a white-tailed deer hunter, you are going to see them. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually. I am referring to wild turkeys. Even mule deer hunters will see flocks of wild turkeys in farm or ranch yards, patches of woods, creek bottoms and shelterbelts. The question for you, the Nebraska deer hunter, remains: Have you purchased a fall wild turkey hunting permit? If the answer is no then why have you not bought that permit yet? …

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October outdoor calendar highlights

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LINCOLN, Neb. – The following are highlights of Nebraska Game and Parks Commission events and important dates in October. Get a more complete listing at Calendar.OutdoorNebraska.gov. Oct. 1 – The Science of Wildlife Diseases, online webinar Oct. 1-31 – Paddlefish snagging season in specific area of Missouri River Oct. 3 – Dark goose hunting season opens in North Central unit Oct. 3 – Light goose hunting regular season opens statewide Oct. 3 – White-fronted goose hunting season opens statewide Oct. …

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Keep tree stand safety in mind during your deer hunt

Hunters in tree stand

LINCOLN, Neb. – As you enjoy fall hunting season, it’s important to keep tree stand safety in mind. Accidents in the field can be prevented with careful planning. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission encourages hunters to follow these safety guidelines: Always check old tree stands for safety. Look at welds, nuts and bolts to make sure they are secure. Check all tree stand straps and replace any that are weathered or frayed. Always use a safety harness and lifeline …

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