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Ground Hog Day

Calendar says yesterday was “Ground Hog Day”.  That does not mean a lot, but there are some interesting little observances.  Unfortunately, I really do not pay a lot of attention to what ole Unadilla Bill says.  Maybe I should? OK, OK, a guy can hope, right? Seriously, I am planning ice fishing trips a month from now! GO FISH!

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Which One are You?


I watch a lot of guys on the ice every winter.  Often I wonder what they are doing.  The other day I watched one unload, walk to his favorite spot, drill three holes, set up his pull-over, fish for an hour, pack up his stuff, walk back to shore and leave.  I am sure he caught his limit: For the record, I retired the tipups that I had since 1995. But you gotta laugh, tipup guys all do the same …

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The calendar says this is the first week of a new year.  I guess some folks like to commemorate the occasion by making resolutions.  I have always thought that whole practice was kind of silly.  If you want to do something different with your life, why wait until the calendar says January?  Just “Get-R-Done”! However, if you take your fishing as seriously as I do, you may want to set some goals.  The best part about setting goals for your …

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It is bowl season.  I love college football.  Of course the Huskers are my greatest love, but when bowl games are on, I will watch just about anyone, even Iowa.  Some games are between nameless teams in nameless places where they do not experience winter.  I suppose the break from snow and cold might be nice for some folks, but does anyone really want to get all that sweaty while playing a game?  In addition, there will be players go …

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Great Gift Idea


Coming down to the wire here before Christmas.  Some of you may still be looking for gift ideas.  I have a good one: “Give ’em the gift of fishing.” I cannot tell you anything better than that right there. Got to fish with both my granddads growing up.  Do not know that either one of them were muskie slayers, but I have a bunch of their secret lures in my tackle box.  Got some of Grandpa Bob’s too!

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Fridays I try to lighten up a little bit.  Definitely been the kind of week where I could use some levity at the end of it. Folks are just so sensitive. . . . I love funny commercials, especially fishing commercials.  Ugly Stik has had some good ones over the years.  I cannot speak about their reels, but I have an Ugly Stik rod, have had it since I was a kid.  I am not going to tell you I …

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Couldn’t Catch Fish in a Barrel

I know many of you seize every opportunity to take someone fishing.  Most anglers like to find someone who has never fished before, or someone who has not fished in a while and take ’em!  It is almost as rewarding to watch someone like that catch fish as it is to catch them yourself.  In some cases, when someone catches their first fish, it is MORE rewarding. Unfortunately, we all know those guys who fish, maybe even fish a lot, …

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Pumpkin Boat


Do not know if the football team is going to be any good this year or not.  Even if they are not, Nebraska is still a leader!  You may not have heard, we lead the world in sea-worthy gourds! Love the story!  Where else would someone attempt such a feat?  Where else would someone have a “cement pond” in the backyard for research and development? That has me thinking. . . . All these years I have been waiting to …

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First Time Fly Fisher


Let me have a little fun with my fellow fly-fishers today: I have heard enough negativity for one week, so before you start sending me more hate mail. . . LIGHTEN UP! My philosophy has always been to “use the right tool for the job”.  There are some fishing situations when a fly rod is absolutely the best tool!  In that case, HAND ME THE FLY ROD!!!! But, they really are just bobbers. Ha. Have a great weekend, GO FISH, …

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