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Fall Wild Turkey Hunting 101: Tips For Beginners From The Experts

Wild turkey hunting isn’t just a hobby for some of us, it is a passion. There is so much more to fall wild turkey hunting than just traipsing through the woods hoping to get a shot at a bird. From continually scouting the countryside to busting up flocks and calling them back together there are many action-packed aspects to fall wild turkey hunting. But, new fall turkey hunters often do not know where to find birds or how to hunt them, especially in Nebraska. So, it is time to get …

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25 Reasons to Hunt Turkeys in the Fall

I know, I know. There is nothing like spring wild turkey hunting in Nebraska, and the fall hunting season for wild turkeys, well, it just doesn’t rise to that level. Or, does it? Hmm. I don’t think you can call yourself a true turkey hunter until you have willingly and eagerly accepted the fun challenge and vivid excitement of hunting North America’s largest upland game bird during the fall season in Nebraska. Hunters who have never experienced fall hunting are …

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Wild about Turkey Salad!

There are thousands of different recipes that exist on how to cook wild turkeys, but how about a unique twist on preparing North America’s largest upland game bird for this Thanksgiving week? I have a scrumptious wild turkey recipe for you to try from avid outdoor enthusiast and outdoor writer Rick Windham of North Platte, NE. Windham says since we are in the midst of Nebraska’s fall wild turkey hunting season and Thanksgiving week, hunters might be looking for a …

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Turkey Hunt on WOWT 6 Outdoors!

On my Weekly WOWT 6 News Outdoor Report, while you’re watching some neat video of wild turkeys, I’ll be verbalizing why you – the hunter of any game species – should consider buying a turkey permit this fall in Nebraska and then taking to the field after a couple of birds. One of the main reasons for going turkey hunting in the fall is that it presents a wonderful opportunity to take a youth outside. He or she would really enjoy a 2015 …

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Talkin’ Turkey on TV

That’s right, blog readers, I’ll be “talkin’ turkey” –  fall wild turkey hunting in Nebraska – on my Weekly Outdoor Report airing on Omaha’s WOWT 6 News Thursday evening at 6 p.m. CST during the sportscast with Greg Ortiz. I’ll be encouraging you, if you hunt, to buy a Nebraska fall wild turkey hunting permit and experience a beautiful time of year in Nebraska! You could even shoot your very own, free-ranging Nebraska wild turkey for your Thanksgiving family gathering …

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Morgan’s First Turkey

Congrats are in order for 8 year-old Nebraskan Morgan Shaner who shot his first wild turkey! That’s a nice bird there, Morgan, AWESOME BUDDY! Young Mr. Shaner’s first turkey is a vivid reminder that there is no age restriction for youth who want to hunt wild turkeys in Nebraska and that youth turkey permits for those 15 and under are only $5.00! Be sure to check the requirements for youth hunting. As many of you are I’m sure aware, wild …

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