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Fourth of July Fun for Dogs – Maybe?

Are hunting dogs different than other dogs when it comes to noise? Fourth of July Fun for Dogs – Maybe?  “Look out – it’s going to hit her in the face!” my older brother would say.  “No, no, no – she’s a hunting dog, she wants to hear it pop,” my father would reply.  The Brittany spaniel’s name was Tammy, and she was my dad’s dog, his hunting dog. Her favorite time of year was late June and early July when they started …

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A Tribute to Harley, the Lake Dog

They’re more than just pets; more often than not, they’re members of your family who’ve stuck by you through thick and thin. But, like any living thing, they will eventually pass. The death of a pet to which we have become emotionally bonded can be a traumatic loss. Such was the case when my brother-in-law Dean had to put down Harley, his constant companion and dog of nearly eight years of age, recently due to terminal health issues. Harley was an English …

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Goin’ to the Dogs on The Great Outdoor Radio Show

On The Great Outdoor Radio Show I host Saturday morning, we’ll  be goin’ to the dogs, or, I should say, they’ll be coming in-studio! It’s all about hunting dogs, puppies, hunting dog training and the unique small munsterlander breed with friends Kris Hill of the Hunting Hills Kennel near Brainard and Pam Robinson of Robingun Kennels near Lincoln along with a small munsterlander or two, of course. Thanks to top-notch photographer Mario Robinson for the use of his pics from prior …

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The Dog Makes the Hunt

For me, watching and hanging out with a good hunting dog really makes the hunt! This week I went Canada goose hunting with friends along Nebraska’s Platte River corridor in western Douglas County and thoroughly enjoyed Buddy, a three year-old black labrador retriever. The moment I entered the blind, I instantly fell in love with Buddy! Here’s Buddy at work having fun on a goose retrieve. Buddy and I after one of Buddy’s face-licking sessions on me, HA! Whenever you …

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