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Preliminary deer harvest higher than last year

LINCOLN, Neb. – Preliminary deer harvest in Nebraska is 3 percent ahead of last year’s pace. From Sept. 1 through Nov. 30, there were 49,923 deer checked, compared to 48,633 in 2016. Mule deer buck harvest has increased for the fourth consecutive year, with 8,609 taken, compared to 8,499 in 2016. “This bodes well for Nebraska, as mule deer buck harvest in 2016 was the highest on record,” said Kit Hams, big game program manager for the Nebraska Game and …

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Mule deer buck harvest on record pace

LINCOLN – Nebraska mule deer buck harvest is on a pace to set a record this year. Mule deer buck harvest, as of Dec. 1, has increased for the third consecutive year to 8,486 (up 2 percent from 2015) and is on track to beat the 2008 record of 9,115 adult bucks. Populations continue to grow in response to low mule doe harvest. Overall, mule deer harvest is higher and whitetail harvest is lower, so far this year, compared with …

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Deer Harvest Up Slightly from 2013

LINCOLN – The Nebraska deer harvest is up slightly from 2013. As of Dec. 5, 44,379 deer have been taken in all seasons, compared to 42,562 by the same date last year. The biggest change from last year is the mule deer buck harvest, which is up by 575 animals (9 percent). Whitetail antlerless harvest has increased by 944 (8 percent), and whitetail buck harvest is up 327 (1 percent). The mule deer antlerless harvest is down 14 (1 percent). …

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Deer Harvest Declined 30 Percent in 2012

LINCOLN, Neb. – Drought and an outbreak of epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) in 2012 caused significant reductions in whitetail deer populations, permit sales and harvest. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission responded to the outbreak in October by reducing antlerless permit quotas and hunters responded by purchasing fewer permits and harvesting fewer deer. Deer permit sales in 2012 declined 13 percent to 122,214. Total deer harvest fell 30 percent to 60,548. The whitetail buck harvest fell 29 percent to 26,309; …

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