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Last weekend I warned you about the “leech-nado“.  Got another public service announcement this weekend:  Beware the Carp-nado! Carp-O-Rama at Branched Oak Reservoir is tomorrow!  If everything goes well, this is what it will look like when we get done pre-baiting or “chumming” the area! OK, seriously, I would not like to fall into the water there.  I suspect a death by carp-sucking would not be a pleasant way to go, well, it would be embarrassing at the least. Obviously, …

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Carp Week


I know a couple of things in the “Carp World” this week that I want to mention.  First of course is our annual “Carp-O-Rama” event at Branched Oak Reservoir this coming Saturday.  As a fisheries biologist I will tell you that invasive Carp species, including the Common Carp that have been here for over a hundred years, are a scourge and if I could snap my fingers and make ’em all go away, I would.  Fisheries biologists will forever be managing …

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The fisheries biologist side of me will always tell you what a scourge invasive carp are to our aquatic habitats, water quality and sport fish populations.  Common carp have been here for over a hundred years and have been detrimental to a lot of our fisheries.  Pointy-headed fisheries managers will continue to manage carp populations by eliminating them as much as possible in some situations. On the other hand, as an angler, I will tell you that we are always …

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All Fish, All the Time

It is Friday, a quick “funny” before I head out the door. If you pay any attention to the Discovery Channel on TV, you know this week has been “shark week“.  Sharks are fish and I love fish, so you know what I have watched on TV this week, when I have had time.  However, I do not understand what the big fascination is with sharks? I am outta here, heading out to help with this tomorrow. . . . …

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Carp-O-Rama 2015

It is that time of year again!  Our annual “carp-o-rama” events are just around the corner.  These events have been very popular, and you will not want to miss them this summer (see the highlighted yellow boxes on the following brochure). Notice the change in location for the Carp-O-Rama event in southeast Nebraska coming up this next Saturday.  We will NOT be at Pawnee Reservoir like we have been in past years, but have shifted over to the Lieber’s Point …

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Rat and Beaver

I hate to keep hitting the same topic over and over again.  I know I blogged about the Lake Yankton renovation a couple times in recent weeks (Lake Yankton Renovation ,  Lake Yankton Renovation, Postscript), but I want to tell you about another rotenone renovation that Nebraska fisheries biologists completed recently. Late summer and early fall is definitely “renovation season”.  Typically, water levels are lower at that time of year and less water means we need less rotenone to treat the volume …

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Friday Musings

I think this is an appropriate way to end “Carp Week”. If fish could smoke cigarettes, common carp would. However, come to think of it, I have seen stocked rainbow trout eat cigarette butts. For some reason I cannot get this song out of my head today:

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Carp Appreciation

We are having some fun with “Carp Week” on our Game & Parks FaceBook page this week.  You are not going to find carp near the top of any of my favorite fish lists, but I have said that all of the fish that swim our waters are unique and should be appreciated for their uniqueness.  No, carp are not going to be the most popular sport fish in Nebraska, but they can be a lot of fun to catch, …

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Carp Week?

Every year about this time the Discovery Channel has their Shark Week.  If you are a pointy-headed fisheries biologist like me, you think that is pretty cool, especially when great white sharks are munching on seals (Ah, poor seal.)  Unfortunately, Nebraska has some really cool toothy predators, but alas no sharks.  To piggyback on the whole shark week thing some have thought it would be fun if we had “Carp Week” at the same time.  OK.  If we are going …

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Carp Tour 2014

Last Saturday was our annual Carp-O-Rama carnival at Pawnee Reservoir.  A lot of folks came out and I hope they had a great time with us and maybe learned a thing or three along the way.  The fishing was slow.  We had a significant rainfall event overnight before the event and I wonder if the carp fishing might have been better at the upper end of the reservoir where there was some water flowing in? Regardless, if you were not …

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