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NEBRASKAland Summer Residency Program

This summer, Lexi Christensen, a student at John Brown University in northwest Arkansas, became NEBRASKAland Magazine’s first summer photography resident. During this time, she continued her development as a photographer by shooting various assignments for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, receiving critiques of her work throughout, researching story topics, and uploading her files into NEBRASKAland’s cloud-based storage system. You can see some of her work below. NEBRASKAland is already planning next summer’s residency. If you know any college students …

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In the Field with Jeff Kurrus – Photos from the South

As promised, take a look at a few gopro images from my trip back south to TN. The first is on a hawk perch with a breasted snow goose as bait. Following this set of images, dad and I staked another breasted snow to the ground and captured several images the following night including the following: It’s been a perfect scenario to do more research with these cameras. What I have found out so far is both encouraging and disturbing. …

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In the Field with Jeff Kurrus – Greetings from TN

While visiting family in Tennessee, my dad and I have been setting out gopro cameras every night to capture raccoons feeding. The project has been a blast and we have some pretty cool images to share. But, as many of my coworkers have told me, my parents’ house is in the middle of nowhere and my Internet connection and ability to show you photos is virtually nonexistent. But when I eventually go “to town,” I will share our photos from …

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In the Field with Jeff Kurrus – A Night at the Aquarium

Always take a camera with you. When you don’t, you may see six raccoons sitting on the same tree limb in perfect sunset light. If it happened to me, it will happen to you. But aside from twice-in-a-lifetime photos, take a camera so you can see what your camera can do. Last night, I was curious how my Canon 5d would adjust to the low-light scenario at the aquarium inside the Cabela’s in La Vista. I’ve shot there before with an …

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