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You Cannot Judge a Catfish by its Colors


Happens every year about this time, I hear reports of folks catching “blue” catfish, here, there, lots of different waters.  Problem is, they really ain’t blue catfish.  They are just big ole male channel catfish getting ready to spawn.  So, if you will bear with me playing the role of pointy-headed fish biologist, again, for a bit, let me give a little lesson in fish identification. . . . We have three large catfish species in Nebraska waters, channel, blue …

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What Lurks Beneath, June 2017


Once again I want to give you an update on the sampling activities of our Game & Parks Commission fisheries biologists and give you an idea of some of the fish they are seeing out there! You know my usual disclaimer, when fisheries biologists are sampling fish we do NOT necessarily go out and just try to collect the biggest fish.  Anglers as a group will see more big fish, and often the biggest fish because anglers target big fish. …

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What’s Biting? Blue Catfish!


Wanna share with you some things I have been seeing on the interwebby lately.  Blue catfish are the coolest of our large catfish species.  When I say that I do not mean they wear shades, I mean they are the most active in cold water.  Sure, we get some excellent channel catfish fishing around Nebraska as soon as the ice is gone, and channels can be dried off through the ice too.  But, big predatory blue catfish are actually very …

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If you need it, there are all kinds of books, videos, and speakers available today to help you get motivated.  Motivated to do what?  I do not know, I guess motivated to do whatever you want to do, whoever you want to be. I want to catch big fish. Nothing motivates me more than some pictures or better yet, videos. . . . I know these videos have been present on the internet for at least a few days already, …

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State Record Update, May 2016


I have a few state record applications laying on my desk; time for the first state record update of 2016! So far all of the applications have been for fish caught by rod & reel.  Let me tell you about them in the order in which they came in: Tiger Trout If you have not heard about the Tiger Trout being stocked in Nebraska waters by now, take a minute and review, Tigers.  We started recognizing state record Tiger Trout back …

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It Is a Cat Eat Trout World

It is Friday, let me get up a quick blog post before the weekend. . . . You all know I am fascinated by predator/prey interactions, especially those that occur below the surface of the water.  This week our Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium posted a video on their FaceBook page.  You need to watch it! Cat Eats Trout I love going to aquariums, especially our Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium where I can see Nebraska fish!  I can stand and watch fish in an aquarium …

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Stop the Presses Again, Another Big Fish!

Just a week ago I told you about a big flathead catfish caught from Branched Oak Reservoir, Stop the Presses, Big Fish!  This week I have another monster fish to tell you about. I have been saying that there are some blue catfish in our Missouri River that are large enough to break our existing, 44-year old, rod & reel blue catfish record.  Last week that record came really close to being toppled. Bob Campbell down in southeast Nebraska caught …

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Good Sticks

In my work I meet a lot of people (many of you will have to forgive me, because I cannot remember everyone; never hesitate to remind me if you have met me before).  Most of the folks I interact with are Nebraskans and of course are fishermen and fisherwomen.  I was talking to one last weekend.  He started showing me fish pictures, and then commented that I probably get tired of seeing fish pictures.  Are you kidding?  I love seeing …

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HOLY COW! Big Blue!

By now many Nebraska anglers may have seen the photos of a big blue catfish that was recently caught.  I fired up my computer this morning and saw this. I have said before that there have been darned few verified catches of triple-digit fish from Nebraska waters, so any catch like that is a notable catch!  I have spent some time today trying to run down more details, and so far have not been able to find out much more. …

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