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Piping Plovers: The perils of the first migration

Contributed by Lauren Dinan, Nongame Bird Biologist Last week I posted a story about a Piping Plover that successfully completed its first migration and arrived safely along the U.S. Gulf Coast only two months after hatching in Nebraska. Last week’s story highlighted how remarkable it is that these birds travel over 900 miles or more only a couple short months after hatching. This post is about the perils of migration and, unfortunately, the story does not end happily-ever-after. The reality is …

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Experience Spring Migration at Marsh Madness

LINCOLN – Enjoy the wonders of the spring bird migration from scenic Ponca State Park (SP) during Marsh Madness. Marsh Madness is a migratory celebration held each weekend in March at Ponca. The park’s location adjacent to the Missouri River presents a significant flyway that serves as the feeding, breeding and staging ground for migratory birds. Ponca SP is listed as an “Important Bird Area” by the National Audubon Society, with nearly 300 bird species sighted and more than 70 …

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The Birds

For a moment, while in my deer hunting stand the last couple evenings as the sun was setting and the wind was blowing out of the south/southwest, I thought I was reliving an old black-and-white, Alfred Hitchcock horror movie I saw as a child, entitled: The Birds! That flick did cross my mind somewhat as I watched dozens of turkey vultures overhead from my tree stand in northeastern Douglas County, NE. I had the best time watching these large nongame …

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