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Summer Means Hot Bluegill Fishing

It’s hot. It’s humid. Yeah, it’s summer alright. Has your fishing success slowed with the conditions? Well, one fish leads the way with lots of action provided to anglers in the good, old summertime — bluegill. Maybe it’s the kid in me, I don’t know. But, at 56 years of age (approaching 57), I still enjoy the constant activity of catching bluegill from the bank in summer, how about you? As someone once said: Bluegill bind us to memories that …

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Taking Trophy Angling to the Bank

I do not own a boat, that is unless you want to count my float tube or “belly boat”.  Yes, I have a life-long dream of owning a boat, but I figured out a long time ago that a person can catch a lot of fish, and a lot of really big fish, from Nebraska waters without a boat.  I have even suggested in the past that in some fishing situations I can flat out out-fish boat anglers (The View …

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Banking on the Refuge

In Nebraska, the wind is going to blow – especially in wide-open locales like the lakes at the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge. I’ve gotten used to it, but some days I just don’t feel like trying to keep a boat straight. But no worries. The most productive adjustment I have made when fishing for species like largemouth bass and northern pike is one I’ve been using since childhood – bank fishing. Bank fishing is especially productive at a place like …

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