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Lock, Stock and Bedlam

Preparing for the Season of Love

Ring-necked pheasant rooster crowing and flapping around in mating behavior in a harvested corn field, Jefferson County. Fowler, May 15, 2004. Copyright NEBRASKAland Magazine, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

With days getting longer Nebraska wildlife are getting ready for a very important part of the year right now.  The season of love is upon us all.  Jeff and Hershy invite Wildlife Education Specialist Lindsay Rogers to Nebraska Outdoors radio tonight (2/4) to give us the low down on what is taking place.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, she may even have an idea or two about what you can do to attract yourself a sweetie, too. Nebraska …

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The End is at Hand

Snowy Scene

Please consider me the proverbial town-herald, rather than an alarmist. But…The end is near! THE END IS NEAR!! January 31, draws nigh and with it comes the end of my beloved bird season.  And what a season it has been, too.  Last season (2014/15) I was pleasantly surprised with bird numbers.  This season (2015/16) I was shocked.  The birds bounced back. Yes-yes, I heard all the good news prior to heading to field this past fall, but data is just …

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Spending Holiday Cash


If you’re one of the lucky ones you are coming out of the holiday season with some cash cards, gift certificates and maybe even some ol’ fashion greenbacks.  Perhaps you already know exactly what you are going to spend this hard-won bounty on.  If so, stop reading right now – this article is not for you.  However, for the rest of us – surprise, surprise – I’ve got a few quick ideas. There are two methods of correctly spending gift cash.  …

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Calling Critters – Nebraska Outdoors Radio

It’s time to call some critters – coyotes, bobcats and raccoon.  So, Jeff and Hershy are inviting Steve Satra to the studio to tell us about the challenge and excitement of getting up close to some of the state’s top predators. Along with working in the Fisheries Division, Steve spends a lot of his fall and winter around our fur-covered wildlife and has mentored many new critter callers and trappers. Join the conversation and get your questions answered at 402-489-1240 …

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Winter in the Parks – Nebraska Outdoors Radio

Christmas lights on the William F. Cody mansion at Buffalo Bill State Historical Park, North Platte, Lincoln County. Hoffmann, Nov. 20, 2005. Copyright NEBRASKAland Magazine, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Jeff and Hershy are joined by State Park’s own Bob Hanover to get you updated on all the winter happenings at your favorite Nebraska park areas. Bob works as an Assistant Division Administrator in our Parks Division.  If you’re looking for some holiday fun or just a winter getaway with friends and family – Bob has you covered. Join the conversation to get your questions answered at 402-489-1240 Nebraska Outdoor radio airs each Thursday evening, starting at 6 p.m. (CST), …

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Tracking Fall Turkey

Getting between a turkey's bed and its breakfast usually means success

November is hunting season in Nebraska and as I write this there are no shortages of choices or opportunity for the hunter. Ironically, one option that often gets overlooked around Thanksgiving is the elusive wild turkey. With strong turkey populations, a long season and two-turkeys allowed per permit Nebraska may be the best place to chase fall turkeys, too. Fall turkeys are a bit different in their habits than the ones we chase each spring. Hens are still with the …

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Hunting for Traditions

Family = My Favorite Hunting Tradition

Hunters it’s ok to admit “it”. In fact, you should celebrate “it”. A big chunk of the hunting doesn’t involve shooting something and sometimes doesn’t even take place in the field. Some of “it” happens back at the cabin, farmhouse, camp or the local diner when the gun, or bow, are safely put away. In its best form “it” starts before opening morning and runs well after evening shooting hours close. It is our hunting buddies who we plot and …

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Rooster! Rooster!


I am a bird hunter. Shaped by my experiences.  A product of my surroundings.  As I was growing up the opening of bird season was a grand celebration that rivaled any holiday gathering or football game.  Family reunited, old friends came back and you even had a chance of running into an orange-vested celebrity or two.  In fact, as a hunter you kinda felt like a celebrity with all the welcome signs and hunter breakfasts. Read a couple (or more) …

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Youth Waterfowl Weekends


This may be the weekend to introduce your next duck hunting buddy to the sport.  Nebraska’s Youth Waterfowl Days take place Sept 26 & 27 (in duck zones 2 & 4), Oct 3 & 4 (in zone 1) and Oct 17 & 18 (in zone 3).  These extra days are an incentive for young hunters (15 years old and under) to get a head-start on the regular season when they are accompanied by their adult buddy (19 years or older). …

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Summer Camp Special


Just received this note from Lindsay Shearer, Nebraska 4-H Camp Operations Coordinator, about a special offer on the 4-H Outdoor Skills summer camps listed here.  I recently wrote about these camps, and others, on the blog The Power of Summer Camp.      hershy “We still have several spots available in the Outdoor Skills Sessions that are hosted in partnership with Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, at all 3 of our locations (State 4-H Camp, Destination Camps and Eastern Nebraska 4-H Center). …

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