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Deer Opener


“Big, big weekend up at the lodge this weekend!”  Yep, it’s opening weekend of the Nebraska firearm deer season.  No, I am not going to blog about fishing today.  I am betting many of you are getting ready to hunt tomorrow. I love to hunt too, but admittedly do more fishing than hunting.  A lot of that is because there is so much to do and so little time.  I have done a little big game hunting, but not a …

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Find Does, Find Bucks

“I wish more deer hunters would forget about all the stuff they have read or heard over the years and focus their deer hunting on the does in order to be more successful in the field,” says Jeff Rawlinson, longtime deer hunter and outdoor educator at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. And he’s right! Far too many of us who hunt bucks get wrapped in a rub and scrape lines, grunt calls, rattling antlers, decoys and a multitude of …

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Five Must-Dos for Deer Season

To experience the most from this year’s firearm deer season, here are the five things you have to do. 1) Find the does. The bucks are doing just that and so should you. Being 100 yards or so downwind of several travel routes to/from bedding areas can mean success in seeing the deer you have been thinking about. Just be cautious not to hunt in or too near the bedding area, which could send all deer out of the area. …

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Expose Your Kids To Agriculture

Let’s face it. We are living in an era where people do not fully understand where their food originates. We are living in an era where urbanization is spreading like wildfire. We are living in an era where there is a decline in rural populations. Yes, we are living in an era where for the first time in history most of the world’s population lives in a city. Enter agriculture (ag). Enter youth. Enter my nearly 4-year old grandson – …

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Special youth hunts set for Oct. 19-20 at 14 wildlife management areas

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Youth ages 15 and younger are encouraged to participate in the statewide youth pheasant, quail and partridge season on Oct. 19-20. The Take ’Em Hunting Challenge encourages hunters to take a pledge to introduce someone new to hunting, and this season provides an excellent opportunity to mentor new hunters. Rooster pheasants will be released on 14 wildlife management areas (WMA) before the 2019 youth season. Special youth hunts will be held only on these WMAs. These special …

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National Hunting and Fishing Day


Tomorrow, September 29, is National Hunting and Fishing Day.  Governor Ricketts signed a proclamation this week recognizing that here in Nebraska. I have always thought that a national hunting and fishing day is especially appropriate for Nebraska because we have some great opportunities for a variety of fish and game.  We are the mixed bag capital!  Fall is a great time to “combo up” and do both, hunt and fish. Need an example?  One of my co-workers here in our …

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Thoughts on Waterfowl

It’s just my humble opinion, but I believe those of us involved in fish and wildlife conservation on a professional level are “wired” a bit differently than the rest of society. There’s some innate draw or attraction to wild and natural things and places that is difficult to explain, let alone understand. That attraction has led us down a path of life that isn’t just a job or a career, but a vocation that is inexplicably intertwined with our lives, …

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Breakfast in the Blind

When you’ve been up and dragging decoys since 4 a.m., you’re ready for some grub by the time the ducks have flown and the midmorning lull begins. Whether you’re hunting from a heated pit blind, camouflaged among the reeds or lying in a small layout blind, there’s never a reason to go hungry. Read on for ideas beyond energy bars and good old raisins and peanuts. Kitchen-ready Blind Hunting from a heated blind can be like staying in a 5-star …

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BB Gun Beginning

Henry Matulka of Gretna went on his first hunting trip when he was 5 years old. Without a driver’s license to operate a vehicle, or his own money to purchase gear, he was reliant upon someone taking him. That person was his dad, Tim. With BB gun in hand, Henry continued to accompany his dad on dove, waterfowl, deer, and turkey hunting trips, waiting for the day he could pull the trigger on something besides his Red Ryder lever action. …

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Tree Stand Safety

Hunters in tree stand

As you hit the field this deer season, be sure to keep tree stand safety in mind. Every year hunters have accidents, some fatal, when hunting out of a tree stand. Before the season starts, here are some tips to consider: • Always check old tree stands for safety. Look at welds, nuts and bolts to make sure they are secure. • Check all tree stand straps and replace any that are weathered or frayed. • Always use a safety …

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