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Panhandle Passages with Justin Haag – She’s a Butte

What can I say? I kinda like her. She was a little roughened up last year and she has a sketchy history, but she still looks great. Considering that my wife is probably reading this, I’d better explain. I’m talking about Crow Butte – a true jewel of the Pine Ridge and an object of my affection. One of our jobs as members of the magazine staff is to produce pretty photographs – it’s an exciting but intimidating task when …

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Panhandle Passages with Justin Haag – Looking an Elk in the Eyes

The opportunity to get up close with Nebraska’s wildlife is a key incentive that attracted me to this job. Ordinarily, for me, bringing the wildlife closer is a feat aided by the use of a long telephoto lens. Last week, however, I got close enough to the live version of Nebraska’s largest big game animal that I didn’t need any magnification to get a good look. Todd Nordeen of Alliance, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission district wildlife manager, invited me …

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In the Field with Jeff Kurrus – An Afternoon at Wehrspann

Wehrspann Lake in southwestern Omaha has one of the city’s best hike/bike trails in eastern Nebraska. With more than 5 miles of paved trail next to water, tallgrass prairie, and an array of wildlife, the area is perfect for an afternoon jaunt. But while Madeline, Eli, and I were there, strollers and stuffed animals in hand, I came across one question I didn’t know the answer to.  Hopefully someone out there (Hint, Hint Daryl Bauer) can answer it for me: When …

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Midland Musings with Jenny Nguyen – Treasures From the Past, Genoa

When Jeff Kurrus and I arrived in Genoa last Wednesday, we had no idea what the morning would have in store for us. A few weeks back, the magazine staff received an email from a Katie Bosock, who wrote that she had something neat to show us. Katie didn’t say exactly what it was. The only clues I received were flashes of descriptions like “museum,” “tools” and “farm.” Jeff’s guesses were about as good as mine. To my surprise, Katie …

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In the Field with Jeff Kurrus – A Night at the Aquarium

Always take a camera with you. When you don’t, you may see six raccoons sitting on the same tree limb in perfect sunset light. If it happened to me, it will happen to you. But aside from twice-in-a-lifetime photos, take a camera so you can see what your camera can do. Last night, I was curious how my Canon 5d would adjust to the low-light scenario at the aquarium inside the Cabela’s in La Vista. I’ve shot there before with an …

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