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Wendy Horine is the Hunter Education Coordinator for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. She is an avid hunter and angler. After inheriting her love for hunting and fishing from her dad in Pennsylvania, she honed her outdoor skills through natural resource jobs in Virginia, Idaho, Wyoming and now Nebraska. She especially enjoys fly fishing, archery and traditional muzzleloader hunting. When she’s not hunting, or teaching others about hunting, she’s usually in her garden growing side dishes to complement wild game.

Comfort Food Gone Wild!

With the onset of cool weather, and presumably sometime soon some actual “cold” weather, since December is just a few days away, my thoughts have turned to “comfort food.” And a major ingredient in comfort food around my house is, of course, wild game. Now there are all sorts of wild critters currently residing in any one of our four freezers (yes, I said “4”), including doves, squirrels, rabbits, various kinds of fish, snapping turtle, and lots of venison. So …

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The fall hunting seasons are upon us! Several are already underway and the November firearm deer season will be here before you know it. If you or someone you know is age 12 to 29, successful completion of firearm hunter education is a requirement to hunt in Nebraska. If you’re in that age group and planning to hunt big game with a bow or cross bow, bowhunter education is required. Don’t wait until the last minute to find a classroom …

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Statistics show hunting ranks among the safest of outdoor sports, and hunting related injuries have dropped considerably with required hunter education. However, the annual figures don’t tell the whole story because it’s difficult for game agencies to keep track of the injuries sustained in falls from tree stands. Frequently, treestand accidents don’t involve firearms or even archery equipment in the case setting up, moving or taking down a stand. As a result, many treestand accidents aren’t included in these statistics. …

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Plan in Advance to Complete Hunter Education

We officially welcomed summer on June 21st, so instead of rifles, shotguns, bows, and wild game, most folks are probably thinking about baseball, swimming, barbeques and mowing the lawn.  But “now” is the time to start thinking about the various options available for completing hunter education so you’ll be ready for hunting season this coming fall. Hunter education has come a long way since 1974, when it became mandatory in the state of Nebraska. Today’s hunter education for both firearm …

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Treat Your Taste Buds to Something Wild!

I love to cook! And like most folks, I love to eat.  One of my favorite things to do with family and friends is prepare a big meal with just about everything on the table being something I grew in my garden or harvested from the field.  But when you start to talk to those who have yet to indulge in the bounty of the great outdoors (a.k.a. wild game) you might be witness to some scrunched faces and even an occasional …

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