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Published by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission since 1926, NEBRASKAland Magazine is dedicated to an engaging mix of outstanding photography and informative writing, highlighting Nebraska’s outdoor activities, parks, wildlife, history and people.

A Year at the Rodeo

Photographer Mark Harris spent a year on the circuit capturing Nebraska’s rodeo heritage, as featured in March 2014. Here are some of his favorite moments.

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Nebraska Meteor Calendar

One of the best ways to experience nature’s true wonders is to stand beneath a black expanse of sky and gaze up at a meteor shower. With more than 10 major showers viewable throughout the year, stargazers have ample opportunities to catch one of Earth’s very own light shows. Here is your guide to the basics of meteor showers, when they are easiest to see and the best places to view them across Nebraska. During a meteor shower, there are …

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Turpin’ Time: Homemade Bucket Warmer

Dick Turpin, legendary turkey hunter / call maker (www.turpincalls.com) and how-to humorist describes how to keep your seat comfortable during the cold: Some days, even when the sun is shining, an unheated waterfowl blind can feel as cold as the dark side of the moon. And when a camp stool begins to crackle under your backside like a bag of crushed ice, the pleasure of a day’s ice fishing can disappear as quickly as the last cup of tepid coffee from …

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