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Thank Goodness for Boxelder Bugs

Find out why boxelder bugs might not be the pests many people think – and why they are great to have around for frustrated insect photographers.  Click below: http://prairieecologist.com/2013/02/18/thank-goodness-for-boxelder-bugs/

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Photo of the Week – The Prairie Ecologist

A great morning in the snow with hoar frost and a hazy sunrise.  And what I did I photograph?  Holes in the snow… But they’re kinda purty… See more here:  http://prairieecologist.com/2013/01/10/photo-of-the-week-january-10-2013/

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Synthesizing Lessons about Fire, Grazing, Plants, and Butterflies – The Prairie Ecologist

We just wrapped up a five year project funded by Nebraska Game and Parks through two State Wildlife Grants.  During the project, we enhanced grassland habitat for a number of wildlife species through fire and grazing management, and then measured the impacts on plant diversity and butterflies – particularly regal fritillaries.  You can see a summary of what we learned, and link to the full report, if you like. http://prairieecologist.com/2013/01/08/lessons-from-a-project-to-improve-prairie-quality-part-1-patch-burn-grazing-plant-diversity-and-butterflies/

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