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Trout Slam Update, Fall 2020

I know some of you have wondered if we were ever going to send out Trout Slam certificates and pins again?  We are, they will be coming soon.  Not making excuses, but we do those things in batches and as long as I was receiving Trout Slam entries this fall, I thought we should wait to do the next batch.  So, sorry to take so long.

There will be twenty more anglers receiving Trout Slam certificates and hat pins.  You can find the entire list of those who have completed the Trout Slam HERE.

In this latest batch, one of the recipients lives in Colorado, the rest are all Nebraska residents.

There was one angler who has completed the Slam times two, Cory Willard.

A couple others, Phillip Mosher and Aldric Meints, noted on their entries that they had accomplished their Slams within a day, within a 24-hour period.  I love hearing that.  Yes, you will have to travel to the far northwest corner of Nebraska to complete your Trout Slam.  However, it is nice to know that if you can get out there, the accomplishment is well within reach!

I did notice one thing on some of the entries. . . . We have completed some Aquatic Habitat projects at Ft. Robinson (Ft. Robinson Ponds).  You might want to fish some of those (wink, wink).

Congratulations to all of our Trout Slam finishers!  I am jealous.  Hopefully this stinking coronavirus thing will let up and I will be able to do some more traveling around the state!  It has been far too long since I have dipped my boots in some of our Pine Ridge trout waters!

All of the entries include photos.  I never tire of looking at fish pictures.  Let me share some of the best with you here.  These were taken by Sandra Reddish:





Tim Pynes caught a gorgeous brook trout:


But, then again, aren’t they all gorgeous?

Lastly, let me share one more group of photos.  By far most of the trout that have been entered for the Trout Slam have been caught & released!  Cory Willard’s photos are a good reminder of that!





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