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UNL Loans Hunting Equipment

UNL students can now rent hunting equipment on campus.

UNL offers turkey hen and jake decoy combinations for $3 per day or $6 per three-day weekend. Photo by Jeff Kurrus.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is now offering hunting equipment rentals at its Outdoor Adventure Center to any registered student on campus. In addition to bike, hike, camping, climbing and paddling gear, student hunters can now rent pop-up blinds, layout blinds, turkey decoy or waterfowl decoy combinations from the university for a small fee: $3 per day or $6 per weekend (3 days).

The equipment is available through a grant partnership between the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and the Cabela’s Outdoor Fund.

Micaela Rahe, an R3 (Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation) coordinator with NWTF and the Nebraska Game and Parks said, “We had two focus groups with college students in the spring of 2018, and one of the barriers they noted to participating in hunting and shooting sports in college was gear cost and storage.”

While rentals are currently only available to UNL students, coordinators are considering options to expand availability to the public. Rahe recommends following the Collegiate Hunters of Nebraska on Facebook for more information on collegiate hunting and shooting sport opportunities.  ■

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