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BOOM! – Second Nebraska Breeding Bird Atlas published

Big and momentous news hit the Nebraska ornithology and birding scene in just the last few days – The Second Nebraska Breeding Bird Atlas by Wayne J. Mollhoff is now in print!   The tome summarizes 54,800 (!) bird observations collected by volunteers from 2006 to 2011 and covers 225 breeding species.  The cover features photos by Michael Forsberg and the layout is very attractive.  The project is a follow-up to the first Breeding Bird Atlas (BBA) which summarized observations collected from 1984-1989.  Naturally, two BBA projects conducted during different periods allow for comparisons and provides insights on species which are increasing and expanding and those which are declining and retracting.  Luckily, The Second Breeding Bird Atlas provides maps from both BBA projects so comparisons by individual species are easy to do when reading the new publication.

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Wayne Mollhoff deserves the credit for managing, compiling and writing up both BBA projects and making important contributions to Nebraska ornithology.   The new publication is a great piece of work and congrats to him on his accomplishments.  NGPC supported the 2nd BBA with a State Wildlife Grant during the data collection phase of the project and also contributed funds from the Wildlife Conservation Fund to help cover publishing costs.

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If you are interested in purchasing your copy of The Second Breeding Bird Atlas, please go HERE.

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