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UPDATED: 19/K injured

We received the unfortunate news the male Peregrine Falcon, 19/K, was recovered by Nick Finelli with Lincoln Animal Control this morning near the grain elevator at 26th and Fair Street.  19/K was injured and obviously unable to fly.  Below are photos taken by Nick when he found and recovered 19/K.




Unfortunately, you can clearly see the bird’s left wing is injured in the bottom two photos.  Amanda Kaufman, an Animal Control Officer and raptor expert, was also on the scene and took the following photos of the male.




19/K is now in the hands of Fontenelle Forest’s Raptor Recovery.  He will undergo additional evaluation and I will pass along any information once I receive it.  We will also continue to monitor and evaluate the situation at the nest box.  Let’s hope for the best.

Nongame Bird Program

Thanks to Nick Finelli and Lincoln Animal Control for quickly recovering 19/K. Thanks to Nick Finelli and Amanda Kaufman for permission to use their photos.   Finally, thanks to the experts at Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery for tending to 19/K.  

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