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Youth Waterfowl Weekends

The Dawn of a New Hunter
The Dawn of a New Hunter

This may be the weekend to introduce your next duck hunting buddy to the sport.  Nebraska’s Youth Waterfowl Days take place Sept 26 & 27 (in duck zones 2 & 4), Oct 3 & 4 (in zone 1) and Oct 17 & 18 (in zone 3).  These extra days are an incentive for young hunters (15 years old and under) to get a head-start on the regular season when they are accompanied by their adult buddy (19 years or older).

Not Just for the Boys
Not Just for the Boys

Now we adults may not get to shoot, but we get to have all the fun of seeing our sport through the enthusiasm of our youthful companions – who might be experiencing the thrill of waterfowl for the very first time.  Having been involved in many years of these special days, I shared some of my thoughts last year for those introducing new hunters to the sport in my blog Youth Waterfowlin’ that still hold true.

Last year, my wife and I got to take part in some of the Youth Waterfowl Days with our eldest son and I know we were both greatly rewarded for it.  Logan has become a bitten by the duck hunting bug and is constantly asking about our next trip as well as wanting to add to the decoys.  Our only concern is how many Youth Waterfowl Days he will want to make this year – one may not be enough for him.

Youth Waterfowl Days - 2014
Youth Waterfowl Days – 2014

Oh, well…there are much worse issues to deal with.  I just hope he starts paying for some of his shotgun shells…


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