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Firearm Deer Season: Enjoying the Experience, Making Memories

We are now just under one week away from the opening day of Nebraska’s largest hunt – the firearm deer hunting season. It opens this Saturday, November 15th. I can hardly wait! This is one of the absolute best times of year to be outside with the deer rut happening! My lovely wife Polly of 26 years says that everything comes to a grinding halt in the Wagner family with the opening of that deer season. It’s a wonderful tradition though. For many of us in the hunting lifestyle, the firearm deer hunting season is a time-honored tradition as engrained as Husker football. I can still remember as a child tagging along with my dad in pursuit of that elusive, trophy white-tailed buck and the excitement in the house on the night before the opening day of the firearm deer season. None of us really ever slept.

To me, personally, the season actually means many things.

It means passing on the tradition that my Dad gave me and his father gave him. It means spending time with young family members and guiding their youth hunts (it’s so much fun to be a guide for the kids).


It means a big, homemade breakfast at Grandma Wagner’s place. It means enjoying the landscape on our southeastern Nebraska family farm where my ancestors (pioneers) settled and more than likely hunted white-tailed deer for food some 158 years ago.



It means enjoying the peace and serenity listening to the wind gently blow through the grass and trees.


It means enjoying every bit of nature and wildlife habitat including walking along our wooded creek bottom looking for interesting rocks and things on the way to the stand.


Of course, it means a bonus if I’m able to get a deer and have the family enjoy some fresh, local organic meat at the dinner table.


And, it means enjoying and relishing those incredible Nebraska sunrises and sunsets.


Keep in mind that we at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission are here to assist you with planning your firearm deer hunt and starting a tradition with your own family or friend network. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Deer can be found in all 93 Nebraska counties. Various public lands are available to hunt. State park lands are open and make for great base camps. And, you’ll be glad to hear that different permit options remain for the season. There is also still time to look over your equipment, sight in your firearm and scout, too!

Visit our Nebraska Game and Parks Commission website for a plethora of deer hunting information and to purchase permits.

I wish you a good, safe firearm deer hunt this year. Don’t forget, it’s about enjoying the experience and making memories. See you out there!


About greg wagner

A native of Gretna, NE, a graduate of Gretna High School and Bellevue University, Greg Wagner currently serves as the Communications and Marketing Specialist and Manager for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission's Service Center in Omaha. On a weekly basis, Wagner can be heard on a number of radio stations, seen on local television in Omaha, and on social media channels, creatively conveying natural resource conservation messages as well as promoting outdoor activities and destinations in Nebraska. Wagner, whose career at Game and Parks began in 1979, walks, talks, lives, breathes and blogs about Nebraska’s outdoors. He grew up in rural Gretna, building forts in the woods, hunting, fishing, collecting leaves, and generally thriving on constant outdoor activity. One of the primary goals of his blog is to get people, especially young ones, to have fun and spend time outside!

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