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Why Hunt the Husker State?

Mixed bag opportunity. Not much pressure. Reasonably priced permits and stamps. Mobile apps for information and some permits. Special $5.00 youth permits. Long seasons. Generous bag limits. Great tradition. Crisp mornings, warm afternoons, and the nicest folks you’ll meet anywhere! WHEW! Believe it or not, those are just some of the reasons why I think you should consider planning a hunting trip here in Nebraska this fall or winter!

Whitetail buck.
Whitetail buck.

Having lived in Nebraska all of my life and traveled the state extensively, I will tell you first-hand that the Cornhusker State offers a wide variety of hunting potential – both in game species and the types of scenic terrain available. The rugged Pine Ridge, an ocean of grass known as the Sandhills, the rolling hills, prairie, agricultural fields, and trees of eastern Nebraska are just some of the habitats available.

The Nebraska Sandhills.
Nebraska Sandhills.

Among the state’s game species that could be hunted are: dove, prairie grouse, pheasants, quail, turkeys, waterfowl, cottontail rabbits, squirrel, pronghorn antelope, mule deer and whitetail deer. Did you know that wild turkeys have been harvested by hunters in all 93 Nebraska counties? Be sure to include a fall wild turkey hunting permit along with whatever game you may be pursuing!

Fall gobbler.

So, where can I hunt? What public land is open to hunting in Nebraska? Nearly 800,000 acres of it is on state and federal areas.

Nebraska National Forest near Halsey.
Nebraska National Forest near Halsey.

More than 276,000 acres of private land is also open to walk-in hunting and fishing through a statewide program called Open Fields and Waters.
It should be pointed out that permission to hunt private land can be obtained and in most cases is easier to get as the seasons progress. Hunting is often best on weekdays. Outfitters and guides are also available if desired. There are lots of places to stay. As an added bonus the Nebraska state park system offers hunters; convenient inexpensive lodging, food service and camping facilities near many of the state’s top hunting and fishing areas. Oh, and be sure to pack the tackle for some awesome fall fishing as well!

All in all, Nebraska offers a diverse, unique, down-home package when it comes to the hunting experience.

Turkeys, grouse and pheasants. Photo courtesy Daryl Bauer.
Turkeys, grouse, pheasants. Photo courtesy Daryl Bauer.

There is always an amazing variety of wildlife to see, too!

Eastern bluebirds in cedars next to late season deer/turkey hunting blind.
Eastern bluebirds in cedars next to late season deer/turkey hunting blind.

And, the skies of Nebraska hunts are the stuff of memories!

Nebraska sky on a Canada goose hunt.
Nebraska sky on a Canada goose hunt.

For more information visit the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s website and then come hunt Nebraska this fall or winter! It’ll be time well spent!

Youth, hunting dog and Canada geese.
Youth, hunting dog and Canada geese.

NOTE: This was initially written as a guest blog for the Nebraska Travel and Tourism Department’s website and I wanted to share it with you here as we approach fall. GW.

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A native of Gretna, NE, a graduate of Gretna High School and Bellevue University, Greg Wagner currently serves as the Communications and Marketing Specialist and Manager for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission's Service Center in Omaha. On a weekly basis, Wagner can be heard on a number of radio stations, seen on local television in Omaha, and on social media channels, creatively conveying natural resource conservation messages as well as promoting outdoor activities and destinations in Nebraska. Wagner, whose career at Game and Parks began in 1979, walks, talks, lives, breathes and blogs about Nebraska’s outdoors. He grew up in rural Gretna, building forts in the woods, hunting, fishing, collecting leaves, and generally thriving on constant outdoor activity. One of the primary goals of his blog is to get people, especially young ones, to have fun and spend time outside!

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