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Reel Em’ In Roadtrip with Commission Chairman Berggren

On Friday afternoon, I met director Jim Douglas at Big Mac. The bite has been very good the past month. We put in at Admirals Cove hoping for some hot action ahead of the approaching storm. Slow drift with crawlers and leeches produced a couple fish hooked, however, both were lost in the underwater trees. Forty minutes is all we would get as the storm moved in quicker than expected.


Saturday morning former NGPC Commissioner Tom Plummer joined us. We joined up at Vogl’s Lodge & Lure and after purchasing the hottest lures going, we headed out. With two tournaments going on there was no shortage of boats along the north side. Unfortunately, with the heavy rain and thunder, the fishing again had turned slooooooow. Director Douglas did manage to boat the only fish for the morning, a 6″ bullhead but release was quick before he could become famous. Good conversation with Tom and a great idea  

as to rent a jet ski or parasail right on the water. This would be a fun family vacation. If your needing gas, bait, tackle, information or a place to stay Tom at Vogl’s is a great stop! 




Saturday evening SW commissioner Jerrod Burke and son Logan joined me at Elwood. Fishing has been from slow to fantastic depending on who you talk to at Elwood. When they fill reservoir the bubble is hot with small doll flies or Alewife. Too many boats fishing the bubble we opted for farther down the lake. Friend Steve Trubus was already ahead of us on the main lake and it wasn’t long before we could locate some fish. Consistent action produced 1-5 lb cat and 25 wipers. Whether you have a boat or fish from the bank, Elwood seems to produce wipers.



Watch a video from our trip at Elwood Reservior: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrXNi2jIWyE&feature=youtu.be


Nebraska Game and Parks District 6 Commissioner Lynn Berggren is in the midst of a “Reel ‘em in Roadtrip” in which he and his friends are  fishing at different Central Nebraska lakes.  See his previous fishing report at http://magazine.outdoornebraska.gov/2014/06/74902/.

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