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American Kestrels Fledging

On a positive note, the American Kestrel chicks have started to fledge and leave the confines of their nestbox.   It is now 8:35 a.m. Friday morning and just in the last ten to fifteen minutes two more birds have taken the leap.  Only two of the five chicks remain.  There were four female and one male kestrel offspring and two females will be the last to leave.  The nestbox is located on the north side of the NGPC headquarters building in Lincoln.

Kestrel fledge
The view of the American Kestrel nestbox a little after 8:00 this morning when there were four young birds still inside the nestbox.
Kestrel fledging
The view of the nestbox about fifteen minutes later with only two remaining American Kestrels. Their time has come to go out and face the world.

You can watch the final act of the nestbox drama by going here.  Remember, some versions of Internet Explorer do not work well with this video platform, so try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox if you are having trouble.  Also, we have limited bandwidth so during certain high traffic periods you may not be able to log on (sorry!).

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