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Norfolk Deer Check On Opening Day

Since I was unsuccessful at finding any hunting grounds this weekend, I spent opening day helping out at the deer check station at the Norfolk Game and Parks Office. It was a fantastic learning experience. And I also got to meet some really nice people with some really nice deer. The best ones were the kids and the ladies who came in, especially when it was their first deer. All animals we saw were young, all 3 1/2 years and under but mostly 1 1/2. Here are some photos from today’s successes.

I apologize if I have missed or misspelled your name(s). Please leave me a comment and I will get it corrected as soon as possible.

Congratulations to everyone who brought in a deer today, no matter how big or small. For those who didn’t, keep at it and I wish you the best of luck! When you guys leave and all go back to work this week, it may be my turn to shoot a doe at a public stomping ground.

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