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The Sanity of Camping

The start of a new fire....always time for rejoice! Here my good friend Mike Flanagan relaxes after setting up camp at Bluestem Lake.

Spent the other night basking in the magnifique of Bluestem Lake with the camper and friends and man was that time well spent. Funny how a campfire, some good food and friends can help clear the mind and warm the soul.

There is still plenty of camping opportunity this summer and with the weather we have been having I cannot imagine not getting out. Camping is a “sport” made for 60 degree night temps and luckily we have that. I also enjoy the sport of outdoor cooking while camping. Friday night’s feeding frenzy was the luxurious hobo meal. These are the easiest and tastiest camp meals to make. Simply lay two large pieces of tin foil on top of each other and fill it full of meat, peppers, onions, potatoes, corn, seasoning and butter. Fold the tinfoil to seal all that goodness inside and place over the hot coals of an open fire. Flip after 15-20 minutes and soon you will have a self contained meal fit for a king!

While camping, one must also bring a few chairs for sitting around the fire staring reverently at the glowing embers. I have a hard time ever sitting still but this I can do often. Something vintage about a glowing fire….

Some of my best hunting memories include a good camp site and a warm fire.   A lot of hunters simply day hunt and that is fine too but imagine the fun you and your family or buddies would have if you simply planned a camping expedition along with the hunt.  Taking your hunt on the road to other remote locations across Nebraska adds a lot in terms of fun and memories.

I know school is starting for most of the state but there is plenty of time to enjoy a weekend at one of our lakes. These cool nights have been perfect for good outdoor sleeping. At most area lakes around Lincoln, the fishing has been pretty good too. The fall is about to pick up with school, sports, hunting seasons, etc. Make time for a few more family outings where a good camp fire, good food, relaxation and conversation all come with the price of admission!

$7 bought me this awesome campsite for a night....now that is value!

A sandhills camp site while grouse and waterfowl hunting....heaven!
A bit more rustic on a winter deer hunt....
A very cold campsite a few years ago while grouse hunting in the Sandhills

Get em’ Out There

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