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Mountain Lion Killed in Dawes County

LINCOLN, Neb. – A male mountain lion was shot and killed in the Pine Ridge in Dawes County on March 27 after the resident’s attempts to scare off the cat failed, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

The resident reported the incident to Game and Parks. The resident spotted the lion while walking along a creek near his home. He estimated that the lion was about 20 yards from him. He continued walking and the lion walked parallel to him at the same pace. The resident was making noise to scare the lion off, but the lion showed no fear of him. The resident then shot the cat with a 9mm handgun. The resident was approximately 150 yards from his home.

The early-evening incident took place approximately 10 miles south of Chadron. The lion weighed approximately 160 pounds.

Mountain lions are protected year-round in Nebraska but may be killed if threatening people or attacking livestock. Officials investigated the incident a short time later and determined the physical evidence was consistent with the resident’s account.

“Game and Parks is interested in documenting observations or game camera photographs of mountain lions,” said Sam Wilson, Game and Parks furbearer and carnivore program manager. “Please report any observations to your nearest Game and Parks office or call 402-471-0641.”

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Jerry Kane is the news manager with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. He can be contacted at jerry.kane@nebraska.gov or 402-471-5008.

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