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In the Field with Jeff Kurrus – Preparing for the Storm

Over the last couple of days Nebraska has been preparing for Winter Storm Q (a terrible name by the way). I have also been preparing, but of a slightly different sort than many of my neighbors.

I was handed a GoPro camera two days ago and told to have fun. My version of fun quickly became trying to figure out how to record a timelapse video of the impending storm. But I have little if any mechanical or technological know-how, so yesterday was spent trying to figure out a way to run power for two days to a camera whose battery runs down in less than two hours.

So with power cords, duct tape, a couple of heavy rocks, and an aquarium, I now have a weatherproof camera set up on land near my home in Sarpy County. Plus, the camera is overlooking a deer carcass as well. I’ll keep you updated what happens.

In the meantime, while evaluating trial photos I put out the camera near birds feeding on bread to see if I was going to like what I saw.

For having no idea what I’m doing, it was definitely a good start.



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